Friday, 2 August 2013

Stavanger watercolour

We were moored in Stavanger where I took the opportunity to do the above watercolour. The boat is the MV "Sandnes" which used to provide a ferry service to Bergen and back. She then became a training ship and is now restored.

We were moored opposite the German Motor Vessel "Mein Schiff". "Mein Schiff" carries about 1,800 passengers. We left harbour first. Now I am not usually given to great bouts of jingoism. But I really did smile when we left harbour with 2,000 plus Brits belting out Rule Brittania and waving Union Jacks (and also Welsh Flags). I reckon they must have heard it down in their engine room.
The crowd then went into "Land of Hope and Glory". The passengers at the rail of Mein Schiff didn't seem too impressed?

I raised a glass of white wine and smiled. I had earlier spent fifteen minutes sitting on a dockside bollard trying to do a watercolour sketch. I think every one of those 1,800 passengers off "Mein Schiff" must have stood in front of me.There was the whole dockside to stand on and it was obvious what I was doing. It wasn't even an irritant really but I did think "Hmm, they were somewhat rude!" I gave up in the end.

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