Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Cadair Idris

The above painting of Cadair Idris (Arthur's Chair) was sold at the exhibition yesterday. We had another good day meeting many interesting people including a couple from Sydney with whom we discussed an exhibition of Monet's work. Now I am quite a fan of Monet but I am not particularly keen on the waterlilies series. I accept that it is difficult to assess work of that age when for example the colours have changed over the years and you are also assessing them out of their period context ( ie. how art was viewed at the time and what was the norm). However the waterlilies do nothing for me which is strange as the paintings are all about light and reflection something I have an affinity with.

Anyway we also had a good  discussion with a trawler skipper about the issues and financial problems in fishing. It all makes for an interesting day and passes the time between sales.

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