Saturday, 31 August 2013

Shorts Sunderland

The above painting of a Shorts Sunderland Flying Boat sold a couple of days ago at the exhibition.
I have done several paintings of a Sunderland. I will probably do another one day.

I find that one of the most common questions I get while sat at an exhibition is:
"Are you Mark Cox?"

Quite naturally people wish to speak to the artist and I am happy to chat to them. I decided this year to buy a name badge for Alex and I. All part of a clever marketing strategy designed by Satchi and Satchi (not really). Anyway the label has worked well and more people come over for a chat than ever or ask me to sign cards, prints etc. With this lovely weather I have been wearing the badge on my shirt. All in all the badge has had no downside.

After the exhibition the other day I popped in to Tesco with Alex to do the weekly shop. I noticed a few people looking at me but put it down to paranoia. We got to the tills and Alex burst out laughing. I had been walking around Tesco for 40 minutes with a badge saying Mark Cox Artist on my chest. No wonder I had some funny looks.

Link  (I was lucky enough to see Bob Dylan at the Isle of White Festival oh a few decades ago)

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