Sunday, 11 August 2013

Unexpected Shower

The above is a watercolour of a ketch off St. Anns Head.

I was looking for a painting I had done of one of our old yachts. It was a lovely sailing boat but the accommodation was a little bit wee. I had to kneel down for the most part or sit. It was what an estate agent would call cosy. The heads (or sea toilet) was located in the forepeak (the front of the boat). There was no head room whatsoever there but there was a hatch. This meant if you answered a call of nature you would sit with your head out of the hatch in the open air facing backwards. Not only must this have looked a bit odd to passing yachts but if I was sat there when we were sailing along nicely and Alex on the helm she would for devilment occasionally round up into a wave and I would catch a bucket full of wave/sea water over my head.

I am still forbidden from starting a painting but the time must be getting closer. Alex is going full steam ahead making cards cutting glass and mounting work.

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