Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Painting of St. Marys Church Brecon

I came across this painting of Brecon while searching for something else the other day. I had forgotten about it and there it was under a pile of mount board. If I recall the Church is St. Marys and is the parish church as opposed to the cathedral.

I often watch a program on tv about repairing old items. To be fair I am not bad at fixing things. I used to service my motorbikes and cars until they became computerised. I like mechanical things and have made all sorts from steam engines to small radios. I went through a bit of a phase interested in clocks and got a few going. I also repaired a few pocket watches.

One day however a friend asked me to have a look at his pocket watch which he had inherited. It was a nice little thing but didn't go. I had a look and finally determined there was a problem with the balance. The shaft appeared fractionally bent as if it had been put back together incorrectly and damaged.   I set to and gently rotated it and began getting it back in line when the inevitable happened it just broke... A few choice words occurred.

What to do? I could tell him it was broken when I had it but I wouldn't do that. I couldn't get hold of a new balance to fit. In the end I had to have one specially made and it cost me.
I handed the working watch over to my friend who was grateful enough and asked ,"What do I owe you?"
"Oh that's all right forget it." I said nonchalantly, grimacing inwardly.
I decided perhaps watches were a bridge too far after that!

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