Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Heaven's Gate

 As I mentioned yesterday we went to Centre Parcs for Easter weekend. It was set in Longleat Forrest.  You rent a lodge amongst the trees and no cars are allowed in the Parc once you have unpacked. So transport is walking or bike.. There is a little land train that goes around the Parc stopping at various locations.

The stop by our lodge was called, "Heaven's Gate." I found this somewhat amusing particularly as the train commentary announced it didn't stop for the return journey (you had to find a stop nearby).

Anyway something off my bucket list I never thought I would see Heaven's Gate.

The good thing about the place is you can take your dog. So I did go swimming and other sports but spent some time walking Jac. The painting above is of Jac and I. Not a great image of the painting.

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