Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Painting of "Barents Sea" at Texaco in Milford Haven

The painting above is of "Barents Sea"at the old Texaco Jetty in Milford Haven. I have always been fascinated by ships and shipping. When we had a mooring in the Milford Haven I was quite content watching the shipping movements, the pilot boats and tugs. I have done a good number of paintings of them. I was showing some of them to a visitor yesterday. It is a limited market and one thing you need to know as an artist is what people want to buy. It is not necessarily about what you are happy painting.

How many people want a painting of a great big oil tanker on their wall? Not that many to be honest no matter how well it is painted. Anyway after a couple of Boat Shows and Exhibitions we sold okay but it was very limited. I decided to move on. I retained the ones I liked best. Today I paint most things to commission mainly landscapes and coastal themes.

 That said yesterday I started a painting of a friend with his classic car for a change.

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