Friday, 14 April 2017

Painting of Bus Union Street Birmingham

The painting above is one in my own collection. I did it to remind myself of my time as a boy and youth.
The 56 was the bus route from my home the City Centre. The garage was the old tram garage at the top of our road by the Cross Guns Public House. Anyway I spent a good deal of my time travelling on these buses including to school (when I had the bus fare) and later college. If I didn't have the fare my walk was 2 miles down Aston Church Road. This was okay as I could see all the steam trains pulling freight on the way.

The bus is shown in Union Street in Birmingham City Centre. The stop was outside Henry's Department Store. My brother worked there for a while painting and designing the sets for their window displays.

The buses were accompanied by conductors who were in the main humorous and friendly. They used terms of endearment, "Such as, "love", "darling" to opposite sexes and children alike. To me I find it sad that this practice is now forbidden by the politically correct. I was expected to give my seat for a woman or an elderly person and it was always accepted with a "Thank you love,". It was all very friendly and common courteousy was practiced by all. 

Yes times have changed and even holding a door for someone now can result in any response from being ignored, to being given a withering look. Ah well different times.

Yes I like my bus. A safe haven. A reminder, as I look back from the ridge to that golden time in the valley of my youth.

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