Friday, 7 April 2017

Painting of Morris 1000

I have finished the painting of my friend with his classic Morris 1000. If you know him don't tell him as it is a surprise. I painted the background quickly and freely all over a burnt sienna ground. The foreground with the car was drawn in first to get it reasonably accurate. I hate painting lettering (number plate) particularly this size. He doesn't have the car anymore so I hope it will be a nice reminder.

We had two Morris 1000 pick ups many years ago (1972-3ish?). We used them for our trials bikes as well as general transport. The first one we did up and resprayed electric blue. The first day out with it we were hit head on by a stolen car on the wrong side of the road! Car was a right off but we only had minor injuries fortunately. We then found a Morris 1000 pick up in a farmers field (used by chickens) and put it back on the road. We didn't feel inclined to spend a lot of time doing it up and respraying though but we did clean out the chicken shit!.

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