Thursday, 29 December 2016

Sunrise across the Towy Valley

I mentioned yesterday about the sun breaking over the valley. Well I remembered to take my camera this morning. So on the way back from our walk as we came to the top of the hill looking across the valley the sun broke. A glorious view on any morning whatever the weather.

I rarely get angry and have lost my temper twice (which is twice too many) but I do get irritated by people who leave rubbish in our beautiful countryside. However nearly just as bad are the people who just walk passed it. That is if they have some practical means to carry it.

We spent a week in the Cotswolds recently. The Bathurst Estate allow public access to walk and run their dogs in thsis wonderful parkland. At the entrance in the Park when we arrived I noted all manner of fast food containers and the like probably left by youngsters at night (yes very judgemental but true). I also noted this was exactly where the good people of the town were parking their 4x4's and letting the dogs out. Anyway everyday I collected a bagful of rubbish when I walked with Jac and dropped it off in bins on the way home. I don't expect praise for this it is just a matter of respect.

 Out of all those people parking there why couldn't one of them spend ten minutes with a couple of bin liners and take the rubbish home! With a car it would have been easy. I suppose people don't think. Winge over.

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