Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Painting of Cefn Sidan

This is one of the paintings that sold this month. It is a painting of Cefn Sidan Beach on a misty morning with Worms Head in the background.

Quite a few little odd domestic jobs to do at the moment. We had a couple of days without hot water which was inconvenient. Sorted now. Alex is on the final run in to Christmas please let her lose her debit card.

We have little one's calling in today they are on their way to Thomas Santa 's Special. That's the Gwili Railway Special Steam Train with Santa.

I have decided to rework two paintings that are hanging about in the studio rather than let them go.

Now we pretty well always give to buskers (unless they are really awful) and donate to charity on a regular basis. I am however very careful what I donate to. I do not donate to RSPCA (after they spent all those hundreds of thousands of pounds  trying to prosecute a police officer who mercifully put an animal out of its misery having been hit by a car).  I also don't give to many organisations where I am unsure how the money is spent manily overseas. I note that Save the Children have 114 staff who are apparently paid over £90,000 a year according to a report I read this week. Chief Executives of many charities get paid hundreds of thousands David Miliband now apparently gets over £500,000 for being Chief Exec. of International Rescue. I think they should it for nothing. I am not going to fund their lifestyle. Here are two links to articles about their  pay pay

I do give to Macmillan, RNLI,  the local and Cardiff hospice on a regular basis, RSPB, Local charities, clubs and Alex gives to the Woodland Trust. I would like the Charity Commission to set maximum pay for staff.

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