Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Carmarthen watercolour

This morning Jac and I had a great walk up through the woods and over the top fields back down Penlanffos. The scenery was spectacular. The sky was crimson in the east  with the sun just poking over the horizon. Groups of gulls were making there way across the sky heading inland. The grass was frosty and leaves crunched under foot and yet there were plenty of slippy places on the path to catch out the over eager walker.

Looking up toward the Black Mountain and pall of mist hung low. Back towards Brechfa the wind turbines were stilled by the lack of wind. Other than the distant hum of traffic in the valley all was quiet.

On Boxing Day we went for a walk in Colby Woods. It was more of an assault course with ropes strung out for the steeper stretches and I caused great hilarity sliding down the path on my backside having lost grip of the rope.

The painting above is one of  many that went in the clear out of watercolours this year.

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