Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Classic car for Christmas ?

A neighbour and friend of ours has an interest in classic cars and has just bought a new one (okay an old new one?).

Alex is quite jealous to be honest I am more for comfort and reliability in a car. Time was when we did our own servicing repairs .. Alex even changed the head and parts on our old Landrover to convert it to unleaded. We could strip a motorbike down to the crankcase in a day. I hav egot rid of my metal working machinery lathes etc as I am no longer likely to use them. I like mechanical things but cars now ..well I prefer to paint them..
Anyway its Christmas and I was thinking  maybe Alex would like a classic car ...
painting?  Okay maybe not.

The painting above was a scene I caught at a local show and is sold.

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