Monday, 16 February 2015

Whistlers Mother

I did it again I somehow missed photographing a couple of paintings before they went out! Anyway not to worry. Last night our eldest daughter was here and she picked up something Alex had crocheted. It was a bonnet for a teddy bear I think?  Anyway she put it on Jac's head and there it was "Whistler's Mother". That's the painting that Mr Bean was involved with if you have seen the film.

Our two daughters were talking today and the younger reminded the elder when she pulled a stick from the middle of her lawn.
"Well it looked like a stick." said the elder.
"It had roots on it. It was Jed's new Acer tree."replied the younger.

I have told this story before but it bares telling again. Mike was a PC and later DC in Newtown. One evening he was told to deliver a message to the Chief Superintendent. He took the long wheel base Land Rover and drove off to the house.

He pulled off the road up the drive and parked in front of the house in the dark. He delivered the message then got back into the Land Rover. The drive wasn't that wide and he had to do a three point turn to get back out. All was well until he got back to the Police Station.

 He got out of the Land Rover and noted with some panic that he had the Chief Superintendents prize standard rose attached to the bumper. He had dragged it all the way along the road removing pretty much anything other than the trunk. He drove back to the house to return it and as he went up the drive he noted in the headlights that not only was the standard rose missing but there were large tyre marks all over the lawn where he had turned around.

Handing back the remnants of the rose the Chief Superintendent was fortunately speechless.
(Not a normal state of affairs.)

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