Saturday, 14 February 2015

Miss Claudia

Well I confess I did. I forgot Valentines Day. Well not entirely true I remembered to get a card well in advance a Jon Shipton one.  (He does really quirky funny cards.)

Having done such a good job as getting the card weeks ahead it wasn't until I had walked Jac and done a bit of practice on the piano today that Alex presented me with a card and present. "Ah yes, Valentines Day!"I thought and rushed to find the card and write it.

The painting above is of Miss Claudia on the Texaco Jetty about 12 years ago. The painting hangs on my wall and Alex always jokes Miss Claudia is the other woman in my life. I do like it and it reminds me of days sailing in the Haven and Bristol Channel. I have started work on two commissions today. They have different stages so I can plan working on them alternatively this coming week.

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