Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Ferryside - Glan y Fferi

I finished this painting of Ferryside from Llansteffan this week.  I love this bit of Estuary. It reminds me of the days I spent dinghy sailing with Alex in an old heavy Wayfarer Dinghy. It was very forgiving and with Alex always sailing her flat out I spent a good deal of my time hanging over the side balancing the boat as we bashed through the waves.

We used to trailer the boat around the country. One of the hairier sails we had was when we sailed the dinghy down the river Tamar out past the great breakwater and out through  Plymouth Sound. We disappeared between the troughs of the large waves but with a steady wind we had a great sail. Later coming back in we raced a large yacht for a couple of miles.  It was great fun but I think I make a better spectator now.

I bought some clean spirit the other day instead of white spirit to clean my brushes. Take my advice don't repeat my mistake it was useless with oils. I use genuine turps and linseed oil as a medium sometimes with a little added damar varnish. I clean my brush between colours in turps and at the end  of a session with white spirit and then under the tap with cheap washing up liquid. System works for me and the brushes last a good time. I only got clean spirit as it was less toxic and odourless (to keep Jac happy). Anyway I won't buy it again.

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