Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Llandeilo stage 1.

Here is the first stage of  the painting I am working on at the moment. It is a commission of Llandeilo from Ffairfach. I started this with some pencil work to get the houses  and bridge in the right place and then did some work with paint and turps. I have now begun to apply paint and medium. So far so good.

Last evening Alex and I went bowling with a few hundred of the grand children. As we were all putting on our bowling shoes our youngest daughter confessed to a white lie she had made to her now husband when they first met.

She told him she was a size 5 in shoes. In fact she is a 7. Why she did this who knows but she says she thought her feet might be a bit big! Anyway all was well until he took her bowling and she had to cram her feet into a size 5!! She declined to go bowling again.

Then to make matters worse he bought her a pair of expensive trainers for Christmas "size 5".

Yes things can get out of hand from one little white lie, but we all saw the funny side of it last night.

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