Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Praying for time

Although I am not a religious person I enjoy looking around churches. A fascination with history I suppose. I did the painting above when we were exhibiting at Brecon Cathedral a few years ago. I got to know the Cathedral pretty well as we exhibited there a number of times all very successful but it travelling every day and the time involved outweighed the financial gain and in the end we stopped exhibiting at all except for Aberglasney once a year.

I have been working on a commission the last 3 days. It has taken a bit longer than I expected and I am hoping to start another commission tomorrow. I have a number of other paintings I have in mind to do as well. There never seems time to do it all.

When Jac was a puppy he started to tear up the letters coming through the door. We cleverly thought we would teach him to bring them to us instead! This has worked well for a few years. When the post comes through the door he trots off, collects it and brings it to us. He then gets a biscuit as a reward.

He is obviously getting smarter as he gets older. He has now started to pick up any scrap of paper lying around and duly awaits for his reward. Now he has taken this to a new level. If there is no paper lying around he will find it. He will pull notes off the fridge held on by magnets or if Alex leaves her bag on a chair on the floor he will stick his nose in and bring us some of the contents. Of course this could be anything, from receipts to her purse.

This does have the added benefit that Alex now puts her bag away so a result really.

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