Thursday, 19 February 2015

Tug off St Annes Head

I have always had a fascination with machinery, work boats, tractors steam engines etc. I enjoy painting them too. I have to say though it is an extremely niche market and in practical terms one that is not for me. I was once asked if I would consider painting a series of tankers in a board room in London but to be honest I knew it would involve travel and spending time in London (no thank you) so I quickly declined. I now  occasionally paint these subjects for my own pleasure and the odd sale. The one above is of the tug Anglegarth off St Anne's Head. I like painting the sea but don't waste much time in detail, just getting the effect. The main thing I find is not to overwork it.

Poor old Jac (our cocker spaniel) is in the wars. He has done his back knee in. He went to the vets a week ago to be kept in for an xray. He came back home and has had diarrhoea ever since. He has been back to the vets but is no better and will be going back again today. He is very subdued.

Today I am getting on with a commission (as well as taking Jac to the vet). I was discussing commissions with another artist Wendy Powell Jones yesterday. Its funny how we all have differing views on them. Some artists are not that keen on doing them whilst others find it quite stress less.
I take the view I am going to be painting something I might as well paint something where I know there is a customer waiting for it. Anyway check out Wendy's Gallery she is a fine artist and teacher.

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