Friday, 13 February 2015


Its been one of those unsatisfactory days when you seem to get very little done. I had to take Jac to the vet this morning. He has done his back leg in, likely cruciate ligament which isn't great news.

The light was too bad to paint this morning so I went to the gym. This afternoon I have been preparing boards. So not really a productive day.

Alex is off to a crochet class tomorrow. I know, but whatever. You have got to hand it to her she certainly jumps in with both feet. She is always enthusiastic about every new project. Our 6 year old granddaughter was around the other day and Alex said to her,

"I know you love orange so I am going to crochet you some orange squares to put in your bedroom."
Our granddaughter was beside herself with excitement. She looked at Alex then looked at me, rolled her eyes, smiled and went off in search of Sponge Bob.

Now if anyone wants a crochet toilet roll holder?

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