Saturday, 28 February 2015


I haven't done a blog for a couple of days. It has been quite busy with a few changes happening.

Painting wise I have now finished all outstanding commissions. It is the first time in 5 months I haven't had one outstanding. Prior to Christmas I was so busy I ended up selling a dozen paintings I had done for our annual exhibition. I am now beginning the process of replacing them. I quite often paint the same view but always try to make it different either a different size,season, angle or light. The one above is a point in fact. This is a similar view of Rhossili Bay to a painting that sold before Christmas but I have done a larger version this time. 

We have again decided we have too much to do and not enough tie so we are now pulling out of the gallery in Llandeilo to reduce our commitments. The gallery is fine and we sold okay but something had to go. The internet is the main outlet for us nowadays. We are now down to one physical outlet that is Origin in Carmarthen and our yearly exhibition.

On the home front Jac has still got a bad knee (ACL) and after a lot of heart searching and research we have come to the decision not to have it operated on if we can help it. My mother in law tripped yesterday banged her head and broke her arm, bless her. Fortunately she is made of stern stuff and is getting over what must have been a nasty experience. Then last night Alex decided to remodel the front of my mother in laws car as well so a double whammy! Alex is fine if a little embarrassed.

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