Monday, 27 October 2014

Straight from the horses mouth

A few years back Alex and I were sat on our boat at anchor in Lawrenny. There is a lovely little cafe on the shore and we saw a group of horse riders stop there. They tied up their horses and bought ice cream from the cafe. We watched as one girl got stuck into her cornet then offered her horse a lick then continued attacking the ice cream herself and alternately sharing with her horse. We were a little grossed out ( I think that is the modern term).

The other night I made fish pie. I dished out a helping for Alex and a helping for me. As we sat eating we had the news on tv. As I finished my plate I gave Jac the last bit.

I then continued watching the tv.

There was a bit of pie left and Alex had some. She then asked if I wanted the last bit. It seemed a waste to leave it so I got tucked in and emptied the dish..

As I laid down the cutlery on my empty plate Alex said, "You do realise that is the fork you were feeding the dog....?"

Still I have had no ill effects apart from a wet nose and a sudden craving for bone meal.

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