Monday, 13 October 2014

Jack Sound

Jack sound is the stretch of water between the mainland and Skomer Island and is a tricky little piece of water with hidden rocks and overfalls. It should only be negotiated at  or around slack water.
We had to go through it on one occasion in quite bad conditions even though it was high water. The water was coming over the top of the boat and we had to lock Jac in the cabin clipping ourselves on with safety harnesses. Anyway it was quite exhilarating but I would not wish to do it again. The picture above is of Jack Sound in more favourable conditions.

As you get older your hearing deteriorates a bit and it is wise to double check what you hear or think you hear. I answered the phone at home the other day and heard someone ask for "Alex" and then say something about "Sexpot". I did a double take and handed the phone to her and found out afterwards it was about some testpots she had ordered for painting!

It reminds me of an incident a few years ago when I took a film into Boots to be developed. I handed the film over to the lady and then she asked me if I wanted exta sex! I went very red and apologised but could she repeat that.
"Do you want extra sets of photographs?"
"Err No thanks."

I have started on a built in wardrobe but found out today the doors I ordered were too big! Measure twice order/cut once!

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