Thursday, 9 October 2014

Pierre-Auguste Renoir

No not one of mine Pierre-Auguste Renoir. I chose this because I watched a drama about the artist last night on Sky Arts. Well actually thats not quite true I watched most of it but missed the last bit as it was passed my bedtime. It showed him in his 80's and was a beautiful production.

Renoire said he only painted beautiful things ast here were enough bad things in the world already. I have sympathy with this view.

I am by nature optimistic and the majority of my work reflects this. That said I can appreciate art works that draw attention to issues or make statements about less ideal matters.

Alex was supposed to be stewarding in a gallery in Llandeilo today. I couldn't do it as I had a piano lesson. Shame. Anyway last night she passed on a message to say my lesson was postponed therefore I am now going to Llandeilo for the day! (I suspect foul play here). The result is no painting today.

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