Sunday, 12 October 2014

Aberystwyth Promenade

When the children were young we lived in Newtown and although I was only off one weekend a month we often took one of those days to go to Aberystwyth as it was the nearest sea-side. In those days you could park on the sea front without much problem and we would eat our sandwiches and then take the kids to a lovely little toy shop that sold farm animals. We had an old Austin Maxi at the time which was like tank.
During its stay with us it wrote off a mini that had the effrontery to fail to give way to Alex coming out of a side road. It also demolished a front porch of the neighbours opposite having rolled off our drive run across the road and swept into their living room.
The only damage it sustained was a bumper that needed to be removed and reshaped with a lump hammer and broken lenses and scratched paintwork. It was fantastic in snow and would go anywhere even if you had to temporary lower the tyre pressures a few pounds. Yes it took as everywhere in safety and we were sorry it see it go.
Anyway the painting above is of Aberystwyth Promenade as we often saw it, wet and windy. (The paitning is sold).

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