Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Cadair Idris

Normally we go to North Wales for a fortnight during the year but this is the first year we haven't got around to it. The scenery is spectacular and I get a chance to do a few different works. The one above is of Cadair Idris. I am not sure why we haven't got around to it but we did have to cancel a break due to family illness and then we got stuck into work. Anyway next year!!

Did I mention that I had ordered some doors that were the wrong size for a built in wardrobe. Well this morning we were a bit under pressure. I took the dog out,gave my son a lift to pick up a car, had breakfast and then had to wrap these two doors before I rushed off to torture my piano teacher.

Alex and I got the wrapping laid it out on the floor I lifted one of the doors put it on the wrapping. it Then we found some more card and cut it to shape making a box. We taped it up lifting the dam thing wrapping it round and round. Finally we stood up and there staring at us was the other door! A deep breath then start  unwrapping.

I had my lesson, did the food shopping made lunch then  I went to collect one of the grandchildren, bring him home then take him to music lessons, pick up another grandchild then go and pick up the first lad from music lessons. In between Alex was decorating. Then tea.
Did I do any painting err no.

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