Saturday, 11 October 2014

Carriage driving

Recently Alex and I went to watch carriage driving. I am not as you may be aware a great fan of horses but there is no denying they are magnificent creatures. Better to look at than be sat upon in my opinion. I have ridden in the past and have blogged about these experiences previously. The only really positive experience with horses was when we spent a weekend in Newbury on a stag do and had a private box. I could see the horses from a safe distance and enjoy the benefits of a free bar.

I am a strong believer that you should paint what you know and as a result I only include horses as part of an overall subject. I would not do a portrait of a horse.

Anyway this weekend we have grandchildren but I did manage to sneak away for a short while and do the above painting. It will probably never be framed or shown but I enjoyed doing it and I chose to do it in a style tending towards impressionism. I wanted to try and capture some movement and get a lot of light in the picture and I think this was the best way to do this.

I took a snap of the start of the picture to give you an idea how it built up. There was no pencil work just straight in with a brush and ignoring the cries of "Mark where are you?" from downstairs.

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