Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Broughton Beach - Gower - in stages

Okay here are the various stages of the painting I have done today. Step one get a pint of tea in a large mug find glasses squirt a palette of colours out and away we go. Here I have carefully (ok not carefully at all) scrubbed burnt sienna and burnt umber on a board with pure turpentine.

Next I have wiped the top 2/3rds with a rag to lighten it and very quickly drawn in the horizon and a couple of cliffs in burnt umber and turps. I have used a large brush to make a few marks for the foreground rocks using burnt umber, ultramarine and turps.

Add sky

Add titanium white for start of clouds

Now I have started working on the distance put in a silhouette for headlands on the horizon and started on the cliffs.

Then it is just a matter of putting in the foreground rocks and putting a couple of brushstrokes for a couple and a dog. There it is - Broughton beach , Gower. How long did it take? About a lifetime of learning. I have developed this way of painting because it suits me and is very quick. The essential thing is to have a mental image of how you want the finished painting to look before you start.

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