Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Exciting News

Alex told me some good news the other day. Dunelm has come to Carmarthen...!
Whats more she was going to take me there for a visit. Well life doesn't get much better does it?

Alex is in a bit of a decorating and home changing spree so anyway off we went. I can tell you Dunelm contains house stuff not a pint a painting or a rugby ball in sight.

Predictably I wasn't doing gambols when I went around the place and I would  like to say having been there for some while it was enlightening, but the truth was after wandering off leaving Alex inspecting curtain material I had to go outside and watch the grass grow.

Alex is really good at this sort of thing and I am happy for her to make all the decisions but I am obliged to nod and look interested. I remember when we had our first brand new car. I had no real interest and Alex went to the garage and decided what to buy. I didn't even see it until it was delivered some days later.

Today is grandchildren day hence the picture above. We also had a very early start to take someone to the airport so I am looking forward to a quiet day tomorrow and hopefully starting a new canvas.

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