Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Dog with a pipe.

Its funny what can trigger a memory. Generally with me it is not a smell. However the other day I walked passed a man who was smoking a pipe and it brought back memories of my father in his workshop. He used to smoke a pipe and although I don't smoke and dislike the smell of cigarettes and cigars I find pipe smoke is quite pleasant.

Then I was watching Jac looking out of the window. He had the air of Holmes about him being absorbed in the  scene outside and I imagined him sat there with a pipe. So hence the sketch above. ( I know, but at least I am not dangerous).
I spent most of  today mending another old pocket watch in between triple coating a board for a painting.

Link well I thought about Holmes and Hornpipe but ended up with the Hollies, I know, its sad!

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