Thursday, 7 February 2013

Fishing Boats at sea

More rain on the way and possibly snow. Put me in mind of the above painting I did a while back.
It was inspired by a painting that had been in the family for some time.

We have had both my sister and sister in law staying with us overnight. This afternoon Alex my sister and I went off to visit my mother and my sister in law said her goodbyes and parted on her way back to Tamworth. When we got to St Clears we had a phone call from my sister in law. She had left without her suitcase.
"Where are you?" asked Alex
"That's the other thing I have taken the wrong road I am near Lampeter." She replied.

Later we met my sister in law back at our house.

 "Maybe there is a good reason women aren't allowed to drive in some countries." I said in jest.
I got the look. I then went to get her bag for her. I found it open with clothes all around the bedroom.

I shouted down, "You haven't even packed the bag."
"That's because your in the wrong bedroom, that's your sisters bag!" My sister in law replied in delight.

15 - All.

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