Sunday, 3 February 2013

Towy Valley

I re-worked this painting today. It shows the Towy Valley and Merlin's Hill from Penlanffos, Carmarthen. The trees on Merlin's Hill needed some work and more light in the valley. I am fairly happy with it now.

I am firmly in agreement with Thomas Jefferson (The American President who wrote the declaration of Independence) when he said, "Never put off to tomorrow what you can do today."

 Having been in the Police Force for 30 years it was ingrained in you to get on with things and get them done, (no excuses). You never knew what was coming along next. I pretty well carry this philosophy anyway. I never really got on with committees although I have been on a great many. I always found a committee  slows progress down to a snails pace or the pace of the slowest person on the committee.

Anyway there are exceptions to everything. I have put off a job for a while, in actual fact over 40 years.
I was given a pocket watch to mark a significant birthday. It wasn't a really expensive one but it was of sentimental value and it worked , well for a couple of days. Then it stopped and I put it in a box thinking I would have a look at it one day. Well forty years later that day arrived, yesterday in fact. I got the watch out and took the movement apart. A very small screw had not been fully tightened in manufacture and it was rubbing against one of the cogs. Hey Presto, its working and ticking away merrily.

Alex enjoyed "The X Factor Tour" in Cardiff  yesterday with our daughters and one grandson, unfortunately Alex is now full of cold and dosed up with paracetamol. She is of a generous disposition and I feel she will probably share her cold with me eventually!

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