Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Morris 1000

A better day today. I had a clear vision of what I wanted the finished painting to look like.
Pictured above is our Morris 1000 pick up when we found her. She was being used as a hen coup in a corner of a field. Our first Morris 1000 pick up had been written off in a head on collision with a stolen car.

I was listening to Chris Boardman being interviewed the other day. He was saying how mental attitude was so important for him. He had been given good advice. One thing was he had to have a clear vision of his objective for the day. He needed to have closure at the end of the day to have realised his target or objective.  Also he told himself before a race or other event "I can only do as good as my best. If I can achieve that then that's all I can do." This allowed him to block out any pressure. I thought there were some striking similarities to my own philosophy.

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