Monday, 18 February 2013

Muddy Waters

I finished the painting above last week it shows the moorings at Pilglas looking out towards Ferryside on the left and Ferry Point on the right.

Yesterday Alex and I took Jac a walk in the Cotswolds. It was really muddy and wet underfoot but it was a nice day. So we set off both in wellington boots. Now we came to the first deep puddle and I confess I had to laugh. Alex discovered her left wellington boot had split and she was now wading in water. Whilst I was grinning to myself I managed to keep control and sympathise out loud. Two fields later we got to a real slippy bit and Alex did a full tucked pike and swallow dive full face into the mud. Now I am sorry but it was hilarious. Jac ran and hid and I stupidly stood with sides splitting. I felt the full force of her language and took a step further from her reach not before I had taken a photograph though.

Today we drove back and then popped down to Llanelli where I did a sketch for a commission.

Link maybe a bit predictable

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