Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Yesterday when we had the grand children Alex said we must do something with them. I whole heartily agreed with her! I wasn't convinced that a picnic on Cefn Sidan was ideal at minus 17  degrees centigrade but who am I to question a woman's wisdom.

Alex set out the hamper on a picnic table and the children shivered while we ate our fare. I was fine having wrapped up for the arctic chill and laughed as I spied penguins waddling by. Anyway we then had a good walk down to the sea as the tide was out.  I snatched the quick sketch above before my fingers froze. Young grandson insisted on wading up to his armpits in the sea which seemed a little short sighted but then again I probably made the same mistakes as a boy. Life is for learning.

Back to the car to prevent exposure and frostbite. All very embarrassing to explain to anxious parents. Jac was a bit peeved as the only towel we had was his and he didn't seem keen on sharing it. I conclude by misquoting John Masefield:

"I must go down to the sea again,
 The lonely sea and sky,
 I left my vest and pants there,
 I wonder if they're dry?"


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