Monday, 17 July 2017

What I brought to the table

This is a portrait of my Great Grandfather who was Scottish. It was a pleasing days work. At the time I was concentrating on portraits and had a specialist website and although I got some work it is a very niche market and I moved on. I paint most things now but only portraits of the family.

The other day Alex and I were in a restaurant. We were sat at at table for two amongst a couple of similar tables. The restaurant was full. It was a buffet service.

After I finished my first course I got up and helped myself to a desert (fruit salad). I walked back to the table eyeing up my desert and sat down. I was about to start when I heard someone laughing.

I looked across to the next table and saw Alex sat there laughing. I looked up and saw a woman sat opposite me. I  had inadvertently taken her husbands place while he was at the buffet too.

I muttered a few words in embarrassment and moved back to join Alex. I'd like to say the woman took it all in good humour, but she didn't. She just sat there po-faced!

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