Tuesday, 18 July 2017

From Russia with Love

Our son's dog died at the weekend. He was a good age but it is always very upsetting when a family companion dies.

I have been asked to do a painting of him so I must scout around for a decent couple of photos to do something from.

Last week we were in Russia. I have had a few problems at passport control in the last two years which I have mentioned on here. Anyway Alex was a bit concerned but as it happened I had no problems getting in to Russia.

No, the problems came when I came to get out. I was in one of three queues and Alex was in another.

All the queses were going quite smoothly and around 30 seconds was the average time for someone to be scrutinised.

Then it came to me. The guard looked at me and then my passport. He looked at his computer screen and typed something in. This continued for several minutes.

After 5 minutes scrutiny I was starting to get a bit worried. All the people behind me had left and gone through other controls.

Passport control was now empty apart from me. I could see through the barriers a very anxious Alex pacing up and down.

Finally the guard looked me in the face and I waited for,

"You thought you were leaving us Mr Bond?"

But he just handed me my passport without a hint of a smile and I quickly left.

I have been to Russia twice. a very interesting place but I think I can cross it off my bucket list now!


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