Thursday, 20 July 2017

Sketch of Alex

The above is a pencil sketch of Alex she is off today with her mom. I have that favourite pastime, visiting the dentist.

When I was at school I broke my front tooth playing rugby. I went to the dentist and he ground down what was left of it, put his hand in a box of false teeth and stuck one on. I suppose I would have been grateful if it was either the right colour or size. It wasn't. Over the years dentists have asked me if I would like one fitted that actually matched the other front tooth but I suppose I have kind of got used to it. So I have never bothered.  It is also a constant source of amusement for Alex, the children and even the grandchildren now.

Alex said the other day when my urn is collected at the crematorium it will be just that tooth rattling around along with some ashes!! ha ha.

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