Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Saundersfoot Beach

Yesterday we went off to Saundersfoot. Not the best of forecasts but there could be a window of opportunity. Anyway when we got there it was raining and it was also blowing a gale literally. there was a 30 knot wind gusting over the town. Note I am not wearing my cap! We had a walk and I found a couple of spots I could shelter from the wind and after half an hour the rain stopped although it was still pretty gloomy.
I set up under the promenade wall and got going. Aex and Jac had a good run down to Coppet Hall and back. Just after I finished the rain came again so it was good timing.

There is the finished painting. I didn't do anything to it after I got it home other than remove a couple of flies and some sand Jac had flicked at it!

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