Monday, 22 February 2016


The day hasn't started well. I got dressed and Alex said,
" Why have you got your painting clothes on?"
"I going to do some painting."
"No you're in the Gallery today had you forgot?"
"Yes.!!!" Mutter... go and get changed.

I have been making a new pochade box/easel the last couple of days. One that is light and will hold paintings up to 18" x 14". I have taken my time to make decent joints etc and yesterday I bought varnish. I rubbed it all down and carefully put on the first coat.
Today I find it is still wet and resembles a smear of sticky treacle. I guess (hope) it will dry eventually but 18 hours is somewhat excessive and it will need a really good rub down before the next coat of... treacle.

No not a great start to the day hence the painting of Whistlejacket by Stubbs my favourite painting to brighten up the proceedings.

I am not a great fan of horses (having been kicked by one) but they are magnificent creatures  (Also why I am very taken with Lisa Miller's wonderful work). I adore this painting which captures the power and character of this horse. It is in the National Gallery with many Turner Paintings but the first time I saw it I was for want of a better expression, blown away. I had never considered it as "special" but seeing it in life was ...extraordinary. We don't often go to London but whenever we do we go to the National Gallery and the first port of call is to see Whistlejacket.

Oh well off to Origin.

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