Saturday, 30 January 2016

This weekend

This weekend we are looking after a couple of grandchildren while their parents have some time to regain their sanity.  They are really not that bad its just as you get older children become slightly more alien (yes I spelt it right). Although today is an exception the weather is looking pretty bleak ahead so nto a geat deal of prospects for getting out to paint although Monday morning might be a possibility. The watercolour above is out of a sketchbook. Its one I did in the Fjords. It had to be quick as we were sailing passed at the time.

Alex is a bit of a fan of "Dickensian" which is fine but she has started to call me "Mr Bumble"! Anyway I forgive her. She dealt with a call the other day and turned down a commission for wedding portraits. I have done a couple recently but its not what I want to do.

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