Friday, 19 February 2016

Barafundle Bay

Well the day didn't start very promisingly. There was a heavy frost when I got up and the temperature was -2 degrees but the forecast gave a clear sky around midday for a few hours. So car packed Jac in the boot with food and water and Alex installed as driver we were ready. Then a sudden snow flurry, oh well lets go.

We went down to Stackpole Quay and walked across to Barafundle Bay. It was glorious if a little chilly and muddy underfoot. I set up and painted whilst Alex and Jac went off to explore. After a while I heard a familiar yelp and later found out that Jac had been experimenting with an electric fence!

Painting completed I treated Alex to lunch, well okay a cup of tea and a scone. Then off home as the clouds came over. The completed painting is below. I included Alex and Jac on the beach.

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