Monday, 29 February 2016

A Painting of Broadway

We have been away in the Cotswold's in the van for a week. We had a very nice time albeit it was pretty cold. The main thing was there was no rain. I did manage to get in a couple of paintings and a few ink sketches.

We stopped in Broadway a lovely village but very expensive if you should wish to live there. I wouldn't as it would be too far to go to the rugby or anything else civilised but it is nice to visit.
The above painting was started with sketch in my sketch book. I didn't take much time on the sketch, something I later regretted.

It was minus two degrees and "cold" note woolly hat not my usual cap. It went "okay" but I should have got the composition sorted out better before I started. I wouldn't have done it like this again if I had the chance.

I don't do demonstrations anymore but am happy to chat with passers bye or have people watch. I had a few interested visitors and the time passed quickly. Anyway there it is a painting of Broadway.

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