Monday, 8 February 2016

Three resolutions

Well I made 3 resolutions this year. Number one, to have a dry January. Well that went well but I wonder at the wisdom of picking the longest month maybe a dry February would make more sense!

The second resolution was a challenge to myself to paint outdoors (en plein air) from nature using oils throughout the whole year. 

I have been painting five or six days a week for the last thirteen years. The majority of this has been in the studio collecting "references" from outdoors, sketches photo's etc. Although I have done quite a number of watercolour sketches and paintings outside I had done very few oil paintings outside. I felt the need to challenge myself. 
I can assure you painting en plein air is totally different to painting in a studio. So I decided I need to do at least one or two paintings for every month of the year. So far it is going well. I have done more paintings outside in January and February than studio works despite the weather. I am really enjoying the painting too.

My third resolution is to take my grade three examination for the pianoforte which I took up two years ago. Having absolutely no natural ability regarding music this has been a hard but enjoyable slog.

Oh the painting above is a dyptic I did as part of my art degree. It rests in the council land fill site now. And no it is not a self portrait.

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