Friday, 18 September 2015


Here is one that didn't make it. To be honest it isn't really a marketable subject so I am not that surprised but I liked it. Anyway it has been around a while and I have decided to make use of the frame and consign it to history.

My memory isn't what it was. I decided to make a tomato panna cotta and yesterday walked to town to buy the ingredients. I looked up the recipe. I didn't write down what I wanted as it is fairly simple!

I knew I was out of gelatine and needed tomatoes. I also normally work in imperial measurements but I remembered I needed 8kg of toms. I weighed them and thought this is quite a lot but they are being reduced so whatever. Of course when I got home I found I needed 8g of gelatine and only 2kg of toms. Anyway it was good exercise carrying the tomatoes and guess what soup I am making today?

Link a very old one

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