Wednesday, 16 September 2015


Well I hear on the radio we may have an unexpected snow fall? Not sure how it can be unexpected if it is forecast but never mind.

I have been cutting and preparing boards this morning. Its a boring job but one that can't be rushed or you will pay for it later. The last thing you want to find is a blob or blemish on the board that shows through a perfect sky. One of the advantages of using primed board is you can avoid faults in canvas which are all to often evident only when you are painting. I generally paint quite thinly in layers so I can't cover it up by spooning on the paint.

Talking about the unexpected some of those times you remember are when fantastic things just happen. Like seeing a couple of pods of Killer Whales in the North Atlantic or in the Mediterranean when Alex shouted to me, "Look fish." I looked over the side to see a pod of dolphins playing in the waves. "Fish," I ask you.

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