Monday, 21 September 2015

Christmas Robin

Some days don't go as well as others. This morning I had to walk to town and deliver some cards and do some food shopping. When I got back i decided to defrost the freezer. I scrapped most of the ice out of it and there was a bit left in the corner. I jabbed a knife into the ice and it went through the ice into the plastic wall and I heard the sound of gas releasing!  Turn it off and open the windows. One dead freezer.

Yesterday I did a painting of a robin that Alex had asked me to do for Christmas cards. I decided to photograph it. I picked it off the easel and promptly dropped it face down on the carpet! I then spent an hour repainting it.

We then went to Currys to get a new freezer and of course they do a good selection starting at £109 but had nothing in stock under £169. Off to Llanelli and got one. What a day.

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