Monday, 14 September 2015

Face of time

A recent pen and ink sketch of Alex as she was musing over Scrabble. We have had a couple of weeks off for a break and also to celebrate our Wedding Anniversary -  40 years.

Now I have a couple of paintings to start.

For my birthday several months back Alex bought me a watch. Now the criteria for a perfect watch are simple it needs to work and be easily read. Anyway I chose a plain simple watch in a jewellers window and then the assistant gave me a new one in the box. Fine! So when I came to use it I was a little surprised that after a time I was beginning to struggle in reading the face. I didn't say anything to Alex but ended up having to put on my glasses to read the time.

The other day she said to me as I was struggling to read the time,

"Why have you left the transparent cover on your watch?" and promptly removed it air bubbles and all. Ah all of a sudden it was clear.

"Oh, Erm, err, I thought it would protect the glass for a while?" I muttered.

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