Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Tenby Harbour

The above painting of Tenby sold yesterday about the only positive thing about yesterday come to think of it. Still you have to laugh. Our new freezer is ticking way merrily and I have promised myself I will refrain from de-icing it with a scraper or sticking anything into the compressor pipe!

Alex is in Cardiff so Jac and I have been looking after two of the grandchildren this afternoon. Alex printed out some of the new Christmas cards last night and has given them the seal of approval.

A couple of weeks ago we were talking to a gentleman from Maesteg. We were chatting about our families. My grandmother's family came from Pembrokeshire as did his. How his family came to move to Maesteg was however quite different. Apparently his grandfather was given money by his father to emigrate as there was little work around. His errant son (our friend's grandfather) decided to have a drink and subsequently drank his way East until he ran out of money in Maesteg!

My one grandfather did take a ship to South America and sought his fortune in the gold mines. He had been working in a jewellers shop and left the country under a different name for some reason. I still have the passport. He didn't make his fortune but he did avoid the First World War.

Anyway so far I have a free day tomorrow so I will start a new painting.

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