Monday, 28 September 2015

Boatyard in Corfu

I often look at other artists work and think, "who will buy that?" Its not that the painting isn't well done but what market are they appealing to. It is generally not sufficient to produce a good painting it has to mean something to the buyer.

Take the painting above (not litterally). I rarely do a full painting that is other than for the West Wales or Welsh Market because that's where I work and sell. I go around the country and Europe seeing wonderful subjects but I know for the most part they are only likely to sell in that area or to someone who has a connection to it. I always take my sketch book and pass the time sketching but I hardly ever turn them into a full painting.

 I did the painting of boats in a boatyard on Corfu because it appealled to me. It is not likely to sell but I am happy to keep it myself.

I have actually done a few paintings of Venice that all sold but I guess a good number of people have fond memories of Venice.

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